sustainability consultancy.

step by step to a greener future.

Advise and support on making your business more sustainable?

Do you want to shift your impact into a positive one, with the products you make and optimize your supply chain and create ethical, sustainable and repsonsible products step by step?

Below a selection of what at Green Collective. has to offer but not limited to,  get in touch to discuss the possibilities.


social responsibility.

I support you and your suppliers on: planning and arranging factory audits, factory trainings, setting a corrective action plan, fair living wages, work safety, human rights. 


I will educate you on all topics and move you forward with your suppliers in order to secure effective & good working conditions for all people in the chain. Setting your code of conduct, corrective action plan to name a few. Having extensive knowledge and experience with the Fair Wear Foundation membership and as signatory member of the Dutch agreement on sustainable garments and textiles . This means I guide you on social/environmental membership, let you take part at the initiatives out there and match you to the right organization that suits your mission and business. 


responsible sourcing  & production.

​Searching for the right sustainable & ethical production partner? As a match maker I can connect you with the right partners which matches your practices and company size.


Responsible sourcing and production means that you work with the right partners at all stages of the supply chain: from packaging, trimming until fabric mill, garment maker, print house laundry and so on. You need to work with partners who support you on your sustainable journey and where you together are able to contribute to a world where people are empowered, and no harm is caused. 

Also we can monitor your product life cycle.


sustainable materials & environmental responsibilities.

When sourcing and buying fibers-fabrics the ethical and environmental aspects should not be forgotten. Where to start in the jungle of certificates? Together we map your materials and see where we could make more sustainable choices instead. I guide you on sourcing sustainable alternatives, certification know-how and where to pay attention to. 


To stimulate your production partners on non-toxic dyes and more gentle processes to protect water, keep it safe for people and the environment also includes guidance and support on wet processes such as dyeing, printing, washing. Also, you must be sure no hazardous and toxic chemicals are used in your products, not only to protect human and nature. Here I can help you with a Restricted Substances List and set chemical requirements to your partners in the chain. 



Operating in a sustainable way does not only require suppliers and external parties to operate according certain standards. Most important and often underestimated are the internal operations. It's about intrinsic motivation and connecting departments to each other. Here I support internal staff on conscious behavior related to design-, product development and buying practices but also to gain internal support from management, we create a case to get started or to continue your sustainable journey.


Together we implement sustainability in the total organization or a specific department and set measurable goals and targets. Creating an environment where all departments are involved in operating in a sustainable and conscious way all connected and interconnected to each other. 

all services.


educate the good, educate the youth.

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online consultancy.

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