At early age I cared much about people well being and animal welfare. At 18th I studied Textile Management and Engineering at Saxion Hogeshool, Enschede. Soon I realized the clothing industry was a dirty business without considering people & planet and profit driven at all costs. I was shocked and decided to focus on the positive impact the industry could potentially have instead of causing harm. 

I started my professional sustainable career almost 10 years ago at the first organic denim brand KUYICHI as product developer. Surrounded by pioneers, inspired by making positive impact and the persistence of changing the clothing industry on people & environment planted the seed. Operating in a sustainable way was definitely a challenge back in the days!

Since 2016 I am working at the fair & sustainable denim brand K.O.I. - Kings Of Indigo as Queen of Product & CSR, Sustainability. Since 2020 I decided to focus on CSR & Sustainability for the brand which I do on parttime base. 


With at Green Collective. I am sharing my knowledge and responsible know-how with you and the industry to learn and grow with each other where we work on sustainable and responsible production- & supply chains. But not only that it's time to take our responsibly and act upon it.

the industry needs to act responsible,

producing garments in a responsible way is the only way.

- Margreeth Dronkert- 


Planet earth is burning, we are exhausting the soil and human at all expense. People making our garments are the ones who are most affected with the impact of the garment production on the planet and environment. Think about your jeans which requires such an amount of water to wash it and where are these factories generally located..?

For this reason we together must create meaningful products with the highest respect for humans and nature. Where a fair and honest price is paid.

During my career I travel(led) to many countries, suppliers, factories and experienced many cultures. Nothing more special than meeting the people who make your garment. Therefor I know where you as a buyer, developer, brand deal with. I understand the challenges you face but also the opportunities at all aspects of the supply chain.

I am not here to point fingers I am here to make a positive impact, with you. When we join forces we have the power to change the industry for good and treat the planet with respect, because we owe it to ourselves and the next generation to come.


at Green Collective.


a sustainable journey.

2020 - current



inspirator & motivator 






at Green Collective.


Product developer apparel:

- Product development apparel, partly denim

- Sustainable sourcing and development

- Sustainable research and innovations.







Kuyichi International B.V.

2016 - current


Queen of CSR: 


CSR & Sustainability manager:

- Environmental & social impact apparel & denim: Responsibilityfrom cotton field until ready garment 


K.O.I International B.V. -

Kings Of Indigo



Minor Business Process Integration Management, Supply Chain Management 








Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Feb. - Jun. 2020


Masterclass Sustainability:

- Social entrepreneur

- Business ethics

- Operating according the SDG's.





Textile Engineering and Management





Saxion Hogeschool Enschede

2016 - 2020

Queen of Product:

- Product development

- Production coordinator apparel,

- Buyer

- CSR & Sustainability manager apparel & denim




K.O.I International B.V. -

Kings Of Indigo