How to make business more ethical?

It’s my mission to support you with my sustainable & ethical know-how in an easy, digestible, inspiring, solution thinking and motivational way, to create a sustainable clothing- and garment industry together. 


I help you to create products with an impact.


social responsibility.


social responsibility.

sourcing & production.

responsible sourcing & production


responsible sourcing & production.

sustainable materials & environment


sustainable materials & environmental responsibilities.

responsible policy.


responsible policy.


the future is with our next generation. I feel it as my responsibility to educate the youth, the next generation that will enter the industry. We need to ensure this generation is educated and raised in a responsible way we're doing business and producing in a ethical and sustainable way is the only way. 

I experience a gap between education and the work field. Therefor we need to hand students tools, knowledge and guidance on this conscious journey in order to create a real movement. 


I share my experience and knowledge of the sustainable clothing and textile industry schools, universities and students;


  • Educate the good, connect and engage with the next generation. Consult me as an expert from the field to educate students through classes or lecturers.

  • Consult me as contributor on education at universities. I am here to share my experience on what the industry lacking of right now and how universities could reduce the gap between education and the actual work field, 


at Green Collective services.




online consultancy.

online coffee date.

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